Advanti Vago rims

15X7 Graphite

Single Rim $180

Advanti Vago rims

17x7 Graphite

Single Rim $199
General Exclaim UHP 205/40/17 $1164
[change tire package]

All Advanti Vago wheels purchased through our websites carry the manufacturer's warranties. Since we are a licensed distributor of Advanti Vago wheels, you can rest asured that all Advanti Vago wheels are first line wheels and never blemed Advanti Vago rims. Advanti Vago wheels can be built into a wheel and tire package to fit your car, truck, or SUV. All Advanti Vago wheel and tire packages come with free road force balancing. Most wheels come with polished or chrome lips, which gives the wheel a forged look. Advanti Vago wheels are available in different finishes and, where applicable, custom paint jobs. While looking for Advanti Vago wheels, you can use our custom wheel fitment guide to match up the Advanti Vago wheels to your vehicle. If you are looking for Advanti Vago black wheels and they are not available, they can be custom painted. Typically, we can mount over-sized truck tires on your Advanti Vago truck wheels. For Advanti Vago car rims, we would use high-performance car tires. When you buy Advanti Vago wheel through our websites, we make the process simple and painless. We are the number on wholesaler of Advanti Vago custom wheels on the internet. You can call us toll-free to order your Advanti Vago rims today!
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